Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Path Treaded

     I tread a path rendered by blood. Along this path I pick up wisdom and prudence and diligence. It takes obedience and discipline and the choice to apply love liberally. My life is messy. It can't be fit into a logic equation as simple as she was dipped, drenched, and now she is covered- there is more to me. Thats the ultimate foundation but there is a woman here. A woman full of experiences and learned lessons and a heart overflowing with the want to share all the good that I know. So, I've done it. I've started a blog. Unfortunately, once you do this people hold you to a higher standard-critique your word use- expect more of you- as once you open your heart and its good- people drink from the well within you- I'm OK with that. I kinda feel like the tree right now from the "Giving Tree"- By. Shel Silverstein.  Just let me offer what I have, as mere as the stump that's been withered by the taking over the years. I want to give you that place to rest.  Let me be a giver. Let me love you with the most tenacity and outlandish love it takes to know you. Let me tell you of the Epic portion of grace the Lord has lavished on your life by being His hands and feet in washing yours. I bare my cross for this purpose only. There is no other reason why I handed my life to Christ, except that I wanted to be a giver. I don't claim to know how to do this perfectly but I do know that others have gone before me and have laid down their life for me so I in turn could do the same for you.  I'm learning that to give is love. Love is always seeking the best for another person. Love doesn't always feel good. Love is simply not there if your not giving.  I somehow think to be "In Love" your out-giving eachother in order to give to others. I want to love the best I can with the intention of giving enough  that it saturates a heart to the point of saturating anothers and anothers and anothers and one more... This is no small feat but every split second is worth the surrender and every choice made along the way that puts another before yourself is one more stride closer toward the ultimate giver. 

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